Versteend Verleden (2023)

"Versteend verleden" is part of the biennial program of Stichting Bewaerschole. It revolves around the thematic concept of "The Future Has Many Histories."

On the island of Schouwen-Duivenland, it is evident how we, as humans, exert control over nature, particularly in the case of water. The question remains whether we can sustain this control in the long run. This vulnerability makes Zeeland a place with an uncertain future.

Through the outdoor art piece, Annelieke embedded the current intricate patterns of the sand, which hold valuable climate data, into basalt rock. This rock is provided by Rijkswaterstaat Zeeland and consists of the exact same stones to shield Zeeland from the relentless force of the sea. The artwork can be seen as a man-made fossil or memorial stone, serving as a lasting testament for future generations.

Part of ‘The Future Has Many Histories’ commissioned by Stichting Bewaerschole


Basalt Rock
160 x 70 cm