Brass Relic (2022)

‘Brass Relic’ is the result of a research at the MOB complex in Tilburg. By intertwining the rich history of this site as a military storage base during the Cold War with the overpowering force of nature, Annelieke creates abstract imprints of the location.

Using brass, the same material used for the production of ammunition that was stored, she balances details and shapes of the surroundings.

Although the site has been repurposed, new threats to the preservation of nature have emerged. This scenario evokes a reminder of the Cold War-era threats, and ‘Brass Relic’ preserves pieces of the MOB complex.

Art Installation Draaimolen Festival 2022
On show: Sept 9 2022 - Sept 10 2022
Commissioned: Draaimolen Festival
Relisation: Spark Makers Zone
Material: Brass and Metal Mounting
Size installation: 11m x 5m x 5m
Size brass sheet: 2m x 1m
Production on site: Ferdi Fonk & 
                          Fer Wijnmaalen

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