Floating Waters (2021)

‘Floating Waters’ interprets the stories inspired by ‘De Zuiderwaterlinie’. A portrayal of the relationship between man and water in the past, present and future.

We, especially in the Netherlands, are unconditionally connected to water. Besides the eternal struggle with the rising sea level, we have used water in the past to defend our country. By deliberately flooding an area (inundation), we stopped the enemy. Today, our struggle with water has taken a new turn. Where we used to have too much water, we are now facing a water shortage due to climate change. In the future we will therefore have to live more in harmony with the water around us.

The stories of water are translated into different water surfaces, which are realized in glass. The glass works can be seen as an ode to water and what it has meant to us and will mean in the future.

Exhibition ‘Landkunst op de Zuiderwaterlinie 2021’
On show: Apr 20 2021 - May 24 2021
Commissioned: Kunstloc Brabant
Relisation: Make Eindhoven
Material: Glass and Waterbasin
Size glass pieces: 120cm x 75cm
Photography: Rhiannon Coolen

Floating Waters (2022)

Photography installation in collaboration with Marinka Grondel ‘Draaimolen Festival 2022’
Material: Glass
Size: 120cm x 75cm
Photography: Marinka Grondel

Floating Waters (2023)

Solo exhibition ‘The Future Has Many Histories’
On show: March 4 2023 - Apr 1 2023
Material: Glass
Size glass plate: 120cm x 75cm

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