Vloeiende Verstilling (2023)

‘Vloeiende Verstilling’ focuses on the relationship between man and water, with the island of Schouwen-Duiveland serving as a strating point. On the island it is clearly visible how we as humans keep nature under control. Or are we as humans subservient to nature, despite our grip on nature? The question is who ultimately has control over whom.

Researchers have discovered that sand ripples, preserved in fossils, contain valuable insights into past climates. Using 3D scans, Annelieke has captured the present-day patterns and translated them into these glass pieces, incorporating sand found on the island as a key element.

The glass sculptures were specifically created for Annelieke’s solo exhibition at stichting Bewaerschole. Prior to the exhibition, Annelieke did a residency on the island Schouwen-duivenland to conduct research for this body of work.

Solo exhibition ‘The Future Has Many Histories’
On show: March 4 2023 - Apr 1 2023
Commissioned: Stichting Bewaerschole
Relisation: Make Eindhoven
Material: Glass and Sand
Glass size: various between 20cm - 80cm

©Annelieke Rovers2023